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 Alum Cable Kaveh Company

Cable industry is experiencing considerable development throughout the world mainly due to the increasing needs of different industries. Therefore, variety in terms of manufactured products is increasing notably, as well.

Consequently, different manufacturers have been trying to meet the needs of various industries by applying modern technology and taking into account the request and needs of the target market.

Alum Cable Kaveh Company is honored with supplying different types of cables to a number of industrial zones in countries such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan, while constantly enhancing its technical know-how and utilizing modern machinery during the last decade.

By updating and developing its products continuously, Alum Cable Kaveh Company enjoys critical improvements in cable industry and strives to develop its cooperation with different firms and organizations. Accordingly, Alum Cable Kaveh Company has always kept up with state-of-the-art improvements and has seriously focused on increasing customer satisfaction. That is why the managers of Alum Cable Kaveh Company were selected as the top entrepreneurs in Superior Entrepreneurs National Festival held in 2018.

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Alum Cable Kaveh Company Profile

Alum Cable Kaveh Company was established by Mr. Davood Rahmani and his professional team on May 2010 and was incorporated under 404071 Registration Number.
The company has started its activity by applying world-class knowledge and standards and using cutting-edge technology and machinery in a 20000-square-meter facility and with 11200 tons of annual manufacturing capacity, based on its operation license issued by Markazi Province Governor-General Office.
This company has manufactured its quality products following not only Iran National Standards (ISIRI) but also sticking to international standards.
Generally, the main manufactured products in Alum Cable Kaveh Company include a wide variety of copper low voltage cables, aluminum ones, Armored cables, open coated MV cables, different types of ACSR, AAAC, AAC and 5 & 6-string aerial bundled cables. It is necessary to note that Alum Cable Kaveh Company has already obtained 9001: 2008 ISO certificate and is currently in the process of obtaining 14001&45001.
Alum Cable Kaveh Company has been granted all essentially required permits and standards from relevant organizations. The company has a well-equipped laboratory designed based on the most recent standards. Alum Cable Kaveh Company is a member of Iran Aluminum Syndicate and Iran Wire and Cable Association and attained the status of 12th superior entrepreneur in Markazi Province in 2018.
Alum Cable Kaveh Company is duly expanding target companies receiving its products from power distribution companies to other firms active in different industries. Thus, Alum Cable Kaveh Company is not only effectively contributing to in Iran power industry, but also is actively playing a critical role in offering invaluable service to academic and medical centers, offices affiliated with National Organization of Cultural Heritage, and some airports.
Due to the competitive nature and number of manufacturing companies active in cable industry, Alum Cable Kaveh Company focuses on foreign markets and has a key role in exporting required products to Iraq and Afghanistan.
Therefore, our active presence as an exporter to Qatar, Oman, UAE, and Syria shows the importance of the mentioned statement.

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Office center : No.1804-18th floor-park center complex- 7th Narenjestan- Farmaniyeh Junction-Tehran – Iran
Tel : 0098 21 9109 0503
Factory : Next to Kaveh Cellulose company- Maharat St. – after Janbazan Sq. – Kaveh industrial city – Saveh high way
Tel : 0098 86 4234 1276
Fax : 0098 86 4234 1278
Email :
Company working hours:


Saturday to Wednesday 8:00 to 16:30
Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m